Galileo navigation systemVision and LIDAR fusion positioning navigation system

Accurate localization, quick response

Real time positioning Dynamic barrier avoidance path planning

Application Videos

  • Navigation Example

    Visual navigation is to use the image data received by the camera to navigate. The left side of the video is the image captured in real time by the camera. The right-hand side is displaying position of the car in the visual map in the real time. The green dots in the image represent the feature points of the obstructions. The green box is the current position of the car. The red curve is the target trajectory of Xiaoqiang. It can be seen that the Xiaoqiang can move stabily along the red curve.

  • Navigation Application

    Galileo navigation system can be easily integrated into your robot, giving your robot the ability to automatically navigate and move.This is an application video of a servicebot with Galileo navigation system. Users can easily control the robot through the app.

  • Night Test With Light

    Galileo navigation system, as long as the use of visual navigation. Therefore, in the case of dark light at night, it is necessary to consider the use of complementary light. In this video we tested two ways to fill the light. One is the infrared light, one is the visible light, all obtained a good effect.

  • Galileo Client Navigation Demo

    This video shows the usage Galileo system. The red and green dots in the upper right image of the video are the feature points identified by the Galileo navigation system. The map on the lower left is a map created by Galileo. The triangle icon on the map marks the position of the current robot. Through the client we can control the robot to move to a specific target point.

The Galileo system is a solution for robot positioning and navigation. It uses a variety of sensor fusion to locate, with high precision and good stability. Compared with the traditional positioning method, the Galileo navigation system does not need the user to lay the track, easy to use and low maintenance cost.


  • Multiple sensor fusion Navigation
    Integrated vision navigation, lidar navigation and other sensor positioning and navigation solutions. More stable and reliable.

  • Dynamic barrier avoidance
    When the robot encounters obstacles, the Galileo navigation system can dynamically evade the surrounding obstacles according to the surrounding environment information.

  • Easy to Use
    The Galileo navigation system provides a user-friendly client. The robot can be easily controlled even if the user does not understand the navigation technology.

  • Rich Documents
    From the Client software user manual to API calls and protocol descriptions, the Galileo navigation system documentation covers every corner, providing support for your development and use.

  • Wide range of scenarios
    Galileo navigation system is suitable for indoor service robot, industrial AGV, patrol security robot and many other scenarios.

Hardware and environmental requirements

Hardware requirements

  • Motor

    The brush motor requires an encoder, and the brushless motor can have no encoder but requires a hall sensor

  • Gyroscope

    The current angle information of the robot needs to be provided through the gyroscope. If you use our motor drive (built-in 9-axis gyroscope), you don't need to provide it.

Environmental requirements

  • Terrain requirements

    Flat environment, there is no large angle of uphill and downhill. For example, mountain environment can not meet the conditions of use.

  • Lighting Requirements

    Ambient light is better without drastic changes. For example, the environment looks completely different during the day and at night. If the variation is drastic, it may be necessary to build the map again in the environment under different conditions. Extra light is needed for night use.

  • Scope requirements

    Moving range not exceeding 4 km

Customization and development

SDK support, supporting C++ C# Java Python multiple languages

The SDK can control and obtain the robot's state position and image information, and so on. Fully Control of the robot

Download SDK