Chitu Auto Deliery Robot

Precise delivery, convenient and quick

100KG Visual navigation Auto Charging

Application Videos

  • Production material distribution

    Chitu can be responsible for the distribution of materials during the production process, with flexible trajectories and easy deployment, suitable for flexible production scenarios, replacing the frequent picking and feeding work of staff, and the virtual trajectory facilitates timely adjustment of delivery routes and stations. Suitable for scenes such as electronics factories, dust-free workshops, assembly lines, etc.

  • Auto Charging

    Chitu has an automatic charging module. We can use client to send charging commands to Chitu. At the same time, Chitu will automatically move to the charging pile to charge when the battery is too low.

  • Details of Chitu client

    The robot can be easily controled by the Chitu client. This video shows how to use the Chitu client to control robot navigation after creating map

  • Delivery in shpping mall

    The mall in the video is 200 meters by 100 meters, even in such a large environment, Chitu still operations smooth.

  • Chitu automatic delivery robot

    Chitu is stable and reliable, through the addition of shelves on Chitu we can use the robot ro automatic delivery in office building and hospitals, reduce manpower, It's convenient and fast.

  • Details of Chitu

    Chitu auto delivery robot has an automatic charging module. Battery voltage display at the rear of the robot makes it easy to know the battery usage of the robot. The emergency stop button guarantees that the robot can be suspended when the robot is abnormal.

Chitu is an automatic delivery robot developed by the Bluewhale Robot, and Chitu uses the automatic driving technology, which is simple to use, stable, reliable and flexible movement. Chitu can achieve automatic delivery of goods in large shopping malls and industrial parks. The way Chitu are used is also very simple. First, remote control of the Chitu robot in the working environment to walk through, so that the robot remember the surrounding environment. At this point, the robot automatically creates a map of the surrounding environment. Then you can draw the route that you wants the robot to walk through in the map created by the robot. After clicking Start button, the robot will move automatically along the path you draw.


Product Info

  • Basic Info
    Max speed:1.8 M/S
    Minimum pass width:600mm
    Extra load:65kg~100kg
    Machine weight:35kg
    Empty climbing:15° at most

  • Motion Accuracy
    Typical error <= 5cm; Relocalization error <= 2cm
    Angle error <= 5°

  • Working Feature
    No tracks, mixed navigation mode, Virtual road network
    path planning

  • Control methods
    Windows Client Remote Control
    Mobile Client Remote control
    Voice control

  • Auto Charging
    Equipped with automatic charging module to charging in low power automatic
    36V 18AH Lithium Battery, can run continuously for more than 6 hours. 2 hours to complete the charge。

  • Safty Ensurance
    LiDAR, ultrasonic and camera, triple obstacle avoidance methods, automatic bypass or re-planning of routes when blocked by obstacles

  • Slience
    Using an all-in-one hub motor, the operation is smoother and almost noiseless.

  • Auxiliary interaction Features
    Arrival audio, lighting tips, cloud recording walking path and remote voice control

Customization and development

SDK support, supporting C++ C# Java Python multiple languages

The SDK can control and obtain the robot's state position and image information, and so on. Fully Control of the robot

Can be customized according to demand, such as adding surveillance cameras, robotic arms, carrier table and so on