Blue Whale Universal Chassis Chitu AGV Achieves Application Extension2020.03.21

Chitu is a ROS-based intelligent mobile AGV developed by the Blue Whale robot. Chitu uses automatic driving technology, which is easy to use, stable and reliable, and flexible in movement.
Chitu has achieved multi-scenario application expansion in 2019, accelerating the strategic layout of the Blue Whale Universal Chassis in the autonomous mobile robot market, and implementing scenarios such as automatic delivery of goods, inspection patrols, mobile killing, and restaurant delivery.
Automatic disinfection and sterilization scene

Security patrol scene

Central delivery meal delivery scene

Office document express delivery scene

Factory environment logistics distribution scenario

The use of Chitu is also very simple. First, remotely control the Chitu robot to walk through the working environment and let the robot remember the surrounding environment. The robot will automatically create a map of its surroundings. The client draws the route that the user wants the robot to walk on the map created by the robot. After clicking start, the robot can start moving automatically.