Blue Whale Intelligent Robot participates in the International Applied Technology Trade Fair2018.12.17

The China International Applied Technology Trade Fair opened on December 10, 2018 at the Guangzhou Canton Fair. Blue Whale Intelligent Robot (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. carries exhibits from the company, including “Galileo Vision Navigation Box”, “ROS Hub Motor Drive” and “Patrol Tank Car”.
The above picture shows the blue whale intelligent robot booth. The exhibition area is 18 square meters. As the expert enterprise in the field of robotic navigation in this exhibition, the blue whale intelligent robot has been inquired by many enterprises and reached the cooperation intention.
Blue Whale Intelligence also presented a number of related companies based on the Galileo Visual Navigation system.
Unmanned AGV in the urban beauty production base
Unmanned plant protection robot of Nanjing Agricultural University
Unmanned retail of Shenlan Technology
Blue Whale Intelligent Robot has application cases in AGV, unmanned forklift, unmanned distribution, new retail, cleaning equipment, smart agriculture, etc. It is believed that the robots you use will have the core technology of Blue Whale in the future.