Galileo visual navigation system successfully applied to forklift positioning scene2017.10.07

The Galileo visual navigation system of the Blue Whale Intelligent Robot is successfully applied in the warehouse of a certain enterprise in Dongguan. The Galileo visual navigation system can obtain the real-time positioning of the forklift in the factory through a single camera. The positioning information is summarized and used in the ERP system of the company’s factory. Statistics and overall scheduling, this application marks the official entry of the Blue Whale Galileo visual navigation system into the field of industrial logistics, and has achieved success.
The factory warehouse in this scene has a total of 6 workshops, more than 10,000 square meters. After the forklift is equipped with the Galileo visual navigation system, real-time positioning can be obtained, and the location is displayed on the map, and the positioning system does not require the forklift to have the odometer and other information uploaded. Full control of the system independent of the forklift, so the independence of the system facilitates the installation and docking of the system, simplifying the application process and reducing the hardware threshold.