Visual inspection robot released2016.10.1

A patrol robot is a robot that patrols a specific site like a security guard. The general inspection robot can only be operated by remote control. After adopting the visual navigation technology, the inspection robot can automatically perform inspection on the set route, eliminating the manpower for remote control and monitoring.

Visual inspection robot test video
The above video is a patrol robot developed using visual navigation technology. The robot moves according to the inspection route set by the software.
The left side of the video is the image captured by the camera in real time, and the right side is the real-time position display of the car in the visual map. The green dots in the image represent obstacle feature points. The green square is the current location of the car. The red curve is the target inspection route for the car. It can be seen that the inspection robot can stably move along the red curve.

The operation of the software is also very convenient. After creating a map with specialized software, mark the specific route you want to patrol on the map. Then click the Start Patrol button to start the automatic inspection.