Blue Whale ROS Operating System (XQOS) released2017.5.13

Blue Whale ROS is a ROS system image created by Blue Whale Intelligent Robotics based on Ubuntu ROS. It contains the ROS system and some commonly used ROS packages. Ideal for ROS learning and developers. After the system is installed, you do not need to install and configure ROS, you can use it directly. Blue Whale ROS is also a system image of Xiaoqiang, which can be installed directly on Xiaoqiang.
XQOS system desktop screenshot
The Blue Whale ROS image can be installed on Xiaoqiang. We have released different versions of the system according to different hardware platforms. It is convenient for everyone to reinstall themselves after a problem occurs in the system.
Based on the general ROS, we also integrate some very convenient functions. Such as vnc service, remote assistance, system self-test, etc.
Hope everyone likes it.