ROS wheel motor drive release2017.11.22

The hub motor is a new type of motor that combines a wheel and a motor. It is widely used in electric vehicles to balance the car. Due to its excellent sporting performance and high cost performance, we decided to develop a ROS drive for a hub motor.
The general drive only provides a simple open loop speed control function. Our drives offer closed loop speed control with control accuracy of less than 1%. The maximum power is 1080W (single 540W). Operating voltage is 12V to 36V (supports lithium battery). Especially at low speeds, our performance far exceeds other drives on the market. Not only that, we also offer the ROS driver for this drive. This allows you to directly control the motor motion in the ROS. At the same time, the drive also provides 9-axis gyroscope data and odometer data. Convenient to continue to develop ROS-related navigation programs. And this driver can be equipped with infrared sensor and ultrasonic sensor. Really powerful and full-featured, it is the first choice for robot development.

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