Xiaoqiang and ifm debut at Shanghai International Logistics Exhibition2017.10.31

Shanghai International Logistics Exhibition is a grand event with great influence in the international logistics robot industry. Exhibitors include large logistics companies from around the world. Xiaoqiang and ifm made their debut at this year’s show!
The Xiaoqiang who participated in the exhibition carried our Galileo visual navigation system. First, move through the remote control Xiaoqiang, let Xiaoqiang record the surrounding environment and establish an environmental map. Then draw the route it wants to move through our software in the map it creates. After everything is set up, Xiaoqiang can follow the marked route. At the same time, the ifm depth vision sensor is used to tell the Galileo system to the surrounding environment. Based on this information, the system controls Xiaoqiang to avoid obstacles around him. Even if there are many pedestrians around, it has no effect on our robotic actions.