The blue whale intelligent robot gets the attention of the School of Physics of Jilin University2021.5.1

Blue Whale Intelligent Robot (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. ( was established in 2015, referred to as Blue Whale Intelligence (BWBOT). It has many years of research and development experience in the field of robotics. Blue Whale Intelligence relies on its technical advantages in the field of robot visual navigation , Has successively won the Shenzhen Maker Fund, the third prize of the Shenzhen Innovation Competition, and has now passed the national high-tech enterprise certification.
Blue Whale Intelligence has provided stable and reliable solutions for dozens of robot-related companies. Successfully applied to products such as sweepers, service robots, security robots, industrial AGVs and unmanned forklifts. Blue Whale Intelligence will help more companies that need autonomous mobile solutions to launch more intelligent, practical, safe and stable robot products, and look forward to your cooperation!
Meng Wenzhuo, secretary of the School of Physics of Jilin University and his party visited some alumni in Shenzhen.
Sun Wei (Level 98), Secretary General of Physics Branch of Jilin University Shenzhen Alumni Association, visited the company.
The official account of the School of Physics of Jilin University reports on our company and is included in alumni companies.