Blue Whale Intelligent Robot successfully obtained the national high-tech enterprise certification2021.1.27

The Blue Whale Intelligent Robot bucked the trend during the epidemic. Our company’s “Galileo” visual navigation system was successfully applied in batches of killing, food delivery and other scenes, and has been recognized by the market. In the past three years, Blue Whale Intelligent has relied on autonomous robots With continuous breakthroughs and innovations in the technical advantages of the mobile field, the market and application scenarios have been steadily expanded, and it has been successfully selected in the national high-tech enterprise certification in 2020.
In the future, Blue Whale will also go hand in hand with many robot brother companies, work hard to serve robot manufacturers, provide more robot manufacturers with high-quality, reliable, and inexpensive navigation systems, and make more contributions to the advancement of robot intelligent mobile functions. If you are still Troubled by the robot’s autonomous mobile technology, I want to quickly develop a robot product with perfect functions, reliable operation, and low price. If you get the robot market, Blue Whale can give you a better choice, and look forward to your cooperation!